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Hidden Assets And Asset Discovery

It is natural to try to preserve assets in the property division process, but it must be undertaken in a legal fashion. Very often, we must be on the lookout for attempts to keep valuable assets hidden in this process. Assets can be anything of value: autos, real property, investment portfolios and entire businesses.

These are some of the methods — allowable and not allowable — that people utilize:

  • Setting up trusts and offshore accounts
  • Spending down a mortgage
  • Maintaining secret investment and bank accounts
  • Hiding business income
  • Creating a dummy corporation
  • Transferring deeds and titles
  • Transferring cash into traveler’s checks

People sometimes believe they can disguise assets by turning them over to family members. These misguided efforts can result in accusations of fraud and the loss of the asset in question.

The attorneys at Slaton Roebuck, PLLC, in Scottsdale, Arizona, are experienced in using discovery devices and subpoenas, so that the full extent of assets and net worth are revealed. Asset discovery in divorce is another area on which the two great strengths of our firm — our penchant for sound analysis and our diligence in pursuing just solutions to family problems — merge into a single powerful instrument.

At Slaton Roebuck, PLLC, we work cases requiring intensive knowledge of family law in Arizona and other states and nations. If you face complex and substantial hidden assets and asset discovery problems, call our lawyers at 480-448-6851 to discuss your options.

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