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Scottsdale Noncompete Agreement Enforcement Attorneys

Most noncompete agreements have two major goals: protecting trade secrets and placing restrictions on where employees can work when they leave.

The business lawyers at Slaton Roebuck, PLLC, can assist you in reviewing your current noncompete agreement or drafting one from scratch that will protect your company’s rights and mission-critical trade secrets.

Crafting Covenants Not To Compete

Noncompete agreements prevent departing employees from using the knowledge they obtained while in your employ to compete against you. Not all noncompete agreements stand up to legal challenge. These are some of the thresholds your agreement must meet:

  • It must be necessary. Violations of the contract must harm your business to merit a lawsuit.
  • It must be applied in a reasonable manner. If your market is the Phoenix area, you cannot prevent a former employee from going into a similar business in Florida. It must also be timely.
  • It must be fairly applied. If it is applied indiscriminately, used against some offenders while ignoring others, courts may not uphold it.

Talk to us about your unfair competition concerns. No company wants to make its former employees unemployable, but no company can stand back and watch its talent go to work for a direct competitor, either. We can help you find a reasonable and enforceable pathway between these extremes.

For a review of your current noncompete agreement or to discuss creating an effective agreement from scratch with our attorneys, contact us at Slaton Roebuck, PLLC, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Call us at 480-448-6851 or write to us using this form.

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