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Child Support, Custody And Parenting Plan Modifications

Divorce decrees are forever, unless they are modified. Many changes in circumstances prompt post-judgment modification: one party moving to a different area, a major career change, a health problem, unacceptable behavior by one of the parents or marriages to new partners.

These life changes all have the potential to render existing parenting and support plans obsolete. And they require that a post-decree petition be filed.

Understanding The Modification Process

These petitions are only accepted after a decree of dissolution of marriage, legal separation or annulment, or judgment of paternity is issued. They have two primary uses: to obtain modifications to decrees and to obtain enforcement for decrees that have been ignored.

Modifications can be made to agreements on child support, child custody and visitation matters. The divorce decree itself can be modified when one party offers to swap out or purchase one marital asset from the other, such as a home or vehicle.

Slaton Roebuck PLLC is one of Scottsdale’s most capable and most respected family law firms. Our lawyers have assisted business leaders, professionals, entertainment and sports stars, and everyday people in modifying their divorce decrees.

Clarifications And Enforcements

We are also available to assist when a clarification is required of the court — an explanation for an ambiguity in the decree, an unforeseen eventuality or errors in the document that may affect compliance.

And we stand ready to step in and assist in enforcement efforts to press compliance or to defend against unreasonable enforcement efforts.

Do you have questions about child support, custody and parenting plan modifications? At Slaton Roebuck PLLC, our attorneys accept family law cases requiring deep knowledge of the law, in Arizona as well as in other states and nations.

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