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Scottsdale Landlord-Tenant Attorneys

Disputes arise in every area of the landlord-tenant relationship. We represent clients seeking peaceful resolution of these and other issues:

  • Were the terms of the lease clear and reasonable?
  • Who got to use the property? Was subleasing allowed?
  • Was the property kept in reasonable repair?
  • Was eviction just and reasonable?
  • Who was responsible for property damage?
  • Was the tenant a nuisance, as claimed?
  • Was withholding of rent justified?
  • Was early termination justified?
  • What happens to the damage deposit when the lease is terminated early?

These are not the only issues that lead to lawsuits. Holdover tenant issues, detainer issues, tax issues and zoning issues come into play, along with many others.

A great deal is often at stake in such litigation. Most commercial lease agreements allow the landlord to recover attorney’s fees and expenses incurred by the landlord when it is clear that the tenant breached the lease contract.

Representing You In Complex Lease Disputes

Slaton Roebuck, PLLC, is pleased to serve major clients in the Greater Phoenix commercial real estate market, on both the lessor and lessee sides. The firm has the experience and the knowledge to protect your interests in any kind of contractual dispute.

If you are struggling with a dispute arising from a lease, talk to the commercial real estate lawyers at Slaton Roebuck, PLLC, in Scottsdale at 480-448-6851.

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