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Sandra Slaton focuses on complex Family Law issue in Arizona

Our family law practice takes on intricate cases that often involve highly contested divorce actions and unusual custody situations. In our practice, we don’t see case files, we see individuals with complex legal issues and provide one-on-one service for all of our clients. Our firm offers a very unique expertise with a combination of Family, Commercial and Criminal Experience.

When you hire Sandra Slaton, you get Sandra Slaton herself, a highly skilled litigation attorney with more than 30 years experience.

The most complicated divorces resolved

There are usually a variety of issues that arise during marriage that can cause it to come to an end. At our firm, we protect our clients from abusive spouses, fight for the custody arrangement you want, and get you through even the messiest divorce. We provide you with all the information you need to make educated decisions about what you hope to obtain from your divorce and we offer you a compassionate shoulder to lean on during the divorce process.

Caring for the rights of children

We believe that children need to be protected and that is our first goal when they are involved. When parents have been wrongfully accused of abuse, we fight hard to get them back their kids. If you’re not getting the child or spousal support you are entitled to, our attorneys will take action to ensure you get it. Complicated divorces, interstate custody, grandparent guardianship, we work hard to get results.

If you need an Arizona Attorney who knows family law, call Sandra Slaton at 480-448-6851.

Scottsdale Divorce Attorneys

Divorce is never an easy thing, not even when it is uncontested. People feel badly, that they let one another down and wasted precious time, and they must now start over. They’re hurt, angry and depressed.

At Slaton Roebuck, PLLC, we focus on the positives. One way or another, you are about to make a fresh start for yourself. Our job is to represent you diligently, so that your fresh start is a good one.

Sandra Slaton is one of the most respected family law attorneys in the Phoenix metropolitan area. For more than 30 years, she has been helping people make this difficult transition. One sign of her abilities is the number of firsthand recommendations we get from satisfied clients.

Sandra Slaton has assisted skillfully and tenaciously at the full spectrum of divorce issues:

The Divorce Itself

Custody And Support

Property Division Issues

Sandra Slaton’s three decades of positive experience, the respect she has earned from Arizona judges and her knowledge of constantly changing laws give you a distinct advantage in the process you are embarked on.

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When you need a family attorney you can count on, count on Sandra Slaton at Slaton Roebuck, PLLC, in Paradise Valley at 480-448-6851. We invite you contact our Scottsdale divorce lawyers using this online form.

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