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Interstate Custody Problems

It often happens following a divorce that one parent or the other will need to relocate out of state, with or without the children of the marriage.

These moves often raise legal questions. Do the other state laws contradict this state’s? Can child support or visitation court orders from one state be enforced in another state? Will relocation require a modification of child support? Which court will even hear your case?

Solving Interstate Child Custody Problems For Arizona Families

If the custodial parent is moving, it is possible to challenge the move to enforce existing visitation rights. Our lawyers work to protect parents’ visitation rights as well as the child’s own best interests.

Because of uncertainty about interstate custody matters, most family law firms avoid jurisdictional conflicts. Slaton Roebuck, PLLC, is pleased to represent both custodial and noncustodial parents seeking a just resolution of interstate custody disputes.

Experienced In International Child Custody Enforcement

Issues are even more complex when national boundaries are involved. Issues that are not problematic in the U.S., such as how papers are served, become controversial when multiple countries are involved.

Attorney Sandra Slaton is experienced in all these matters, including the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.

Addressing International As Well As Interstate Jurisdiction Issues

International custody issues can be resolved, even when one of the countries in question is not a signatory to this and other international compacts.

In multistate and international custody cases, work with a law firm committed to resolving interstate child custody problems. Call Slaton Roebuck, PLLC, or write to Scottsdale interstate problems lawyers using this online form.

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